My Fuma Is Not Charging?

You have to make sure that your Fuma charger is connected properly to an ample power source and you may also figure out that it has the secure connection to the base of the charging. Before contacting our team, you may also try to clean the charge contacts on the device and charging base as well while using a dry or slightly drenched. If you still face any problem so you may contact our support team.

Do I Have To Clean Fuma?

Well, Fuma device is geared up with special qualities and for that you may not need to do the maintenance of it, if you still want to clean the charge contact so you may use a dry or slightly moistened cotton swab and you can also clean inside the Fuma where the pod is inserted.

Can I Take Fuma On An Airplane?

For the violation of the policy we recommend you to go through the comprehensive list of the items which are prohibited by TSA. Fuma is still safe to travel, but most of the airlines restrict the usage of it and they don’t recommend to carry any vaporizers with you. Due to some thrilling altitude changes for which the flying on a plane may cause the leakage in the Fuma pods especially if they are moderately use. For that instance, we may suggest you to not carry any Fuma device while you are flying to airport and before that you may dispose it and on your arrival you may purchase the new one. If your Fuma device is leak and you may get some liquid on your hand so you may simply wash your hand to avoid any problems. If there is some liquid on the device so you may use any cloths or tissue to clean that stuff and if the leakage is persist then you may contact our care team.

How Long The Charge Last In Fuma?

This may depend on the usage of the pod, if you fully charge the Fuma so it may last long for full day.

What Is The Result Of Overcharging The Battery?

Fuma device is smartly innovated and the best technology is embedded into it through which it may prevent the risk of overcharging.

What Kind Of Battery Is Used In Fuma?

The Fuma device is totally oriented with some new technologies and those technologies complies on the battery in which the lithium-ion polymer battery is use. It may also represent the safety hazard as well and it is also easily used under the hot and cold weather conditions.While charging Fuma device the temperature only occur between 41 F and 113 F (5 C and 45 C)

How May Puffs You Can Take On The Full Charge?

The device work more efficiently once it is fully charged and you may take 200 puffs on the full charge.


Fuma Is Leaking While Using It?

The minor amount of the leakage is uncommon during the usage of Fuma Pods and it should not be persevere under normal usage. If the Fuma Pod is leaking a little then you may wipe up the juice. The main reason of the leakage is due to the juice which is pulled up into the air and some of the reasons are mention below:

  • More frequent puffing may occur the leakage.
  • Biting or squeezing your puff may also resultant into it.
  • When you insert the Fuma Pod and you try to squeeze the wide sides of it then you may place the fingers on the outer edges of the mouthpiece.

How Efficiently The Fuma Pod Work?

The algorithm is controlled by loop temperature which have been define in the Fumaand they are more effective and they try to give the accurate amount of power to the device and you may use it any time of it.

Should I Refill My Fuma Pods With Juice?

Fuma device is manufactured in quality good and for that instance they are not designed for refills and you can’t reuse that device and for that you may simply dispose the Fuma once it is empty.

Can I Open Fuma Pods?

The material which is used in Fuma contains the nicotine and absorption of e-liquid and it may increase the chance of over-exposure to nicotine and for the health and safety measures you may not open the Fumapods.

Should I Store Fuma Pods? Expiration Of Fuma?

It doesn’t depend that the Fuma will expire and it has not any expiration date, but the expiration of the natural flavor do exists and if you store till one year so the flavor may decreased. You may store this device in any room temperature and it should be properly sealed.


What Is The Warranty For Fuma?

The Fuma device have a 1 year warranty and the warrant also exists for the product available at fumovapor.com and Fuma is the authorized retailer of the market.

What Is The Return Policy For Fuma?

While purchasing a product you may read all the aspects of it and then you may purchase it. Refunds are just available for new or unused products and you may claim then within 14 days. For the request of the return you may contact us and we may look for you concerns. If the product is broken then we may refund that product.


How Many Days Are Taken To Get My Order?

We have a proper channel of the shipment and we always try to deliver the product in 3-5 business days and we have proper standards for this thing which is done through proper service.

Is It Possible To Change The Existing Order?

If you placed the order then there is no procedure to add or subtract the order and for that instance you may contact our customer support for the cancellation or to change the order and they will easily replace that thing. If the order is dispatch then we can assist you for the return and you can place the new order at our website.

My Card Has Been Declined For The Order, What To Do?

If you attempt multiple times and you order is decline then it may be due to wrong information of the card which you have fitted on our website or the mismatch of the billing information. The transactions which are declined may be shown in the face of the pending transaction. Your bank will remove the pending transaction.

Age Verification Is Necessary?

The sales is prevented to those people who are under 21 years of age. There are some strict policies which we have implemented on our website and we have a proper security checkup for this thing. When you try to order then your name, age, address are verified to confirm your identity.

What Is Excise Tax?

The excise tax are define under the state regulation and it also matter the location at which you want to ship your product and through that excise tax is subjected, the cost is vary according to the state. The amount of the tax is clearly shown in your invoice.


Is Fuma Devices Available Outside The US?

It is just our startup and for the time being we are just trying to focus the market of US and we have certain plans for targeting this product in some different countries and for that you may to read our newsletter.

Which Are The Places In The US Where The Product Is Not Deliver?

We just try to follow the local ordinance of every state and for that we have restricted our supplies to some of the states like Utah, Arkansas, Massachusetts and the places which are outside the 50 US states.

Some Flavors Out Of Stock On The Website?

The frequent purchase of the flavor may result into the out of stock and you don’t have to worry about as you may follow our website and we may notify you, once the flavor is available at our website.


What Is Fuma Device?

Fuma has been designed for the better alternative of the smoking cigarettes and it is the perfect choice for the adult smokers.

The battery is located on the body of the device which regulate the temperature and sensors are embedded to sense when you are vapping.


How Much Nicotine Is In The Fuma Device?

The best thing about this Fuma pod is that it may just contain 5% of nicotine and this thing is measure once it is manufactured and it is equivalent to 1 pack of cigarettes. The content of the nicotine is decreased on the prolonged period of time.

How Many Cigarettes Are Equivalent To 1 Pod?

Over 200 puffs of Fuma pod is equivalent to the 1 pack of cigarettes.

Are You Manufacturing Non-Nicotine Juice?

Currently we are just offering the Fuma pod which contains the nicotine. Our manufactures is researching on it and they don’t offer non-nicotine options.

Does Anything Mixed In Fuma Pod Juice?

We have researched on this Fuma pod and it have taken many years for it and our Lab have developed the formula of e-liquid which is refine and totally based on quality and we have strict quality control which overlook the situation every time and they use to monitor the process of it.

We have the quality ingredients which include glycerol, propylene glycol, and oil of the nature, flavor and nicotine.

Can Fuma Juice Bought In The Bulk Quantity?

We don’t have any policy to sell the Fuma Juice in the bulk quantity. Currently we just sell-the e-liquid in our pod.