Top Tips Of How To Protect Your Vape From Beach Sand

Who doesn’t want to go to the beach and have a relaxing time with family or friends? Every person has his own guilty pleasure. People who are addicted to music love to listen to those beats at the beach kicking up the sand with a spouse, or tune a soft song with comforting and calming lyrics. A smoker’s unignorable guilty pleasure is always obvious i.e smoking. Why would he leave the chance of puffing around in the beach also? But but, apart from making those smoky clouds, one should have to keep the device carefully in the beach as those tiny grains can get in!

  1. Always take a vape case with you

It will be a nice and protective way to take your vape’s case whenever you are off to the beach so that there won’t be anyway for sand pores to get in the mouthpiece or button. Also, keep it tucked away to make it unreachable to kids. There come vape cases in many sizes and styles that will suit your style, with zips and/or seal.

  1. Put your batteries in a shade

Whenever you are off to the water, make sure to put batteries in a shaded area, so as to protect batteries from the extreme heat of the sunlight. We all know that if the batteries will be overheated then they may burst out. Despite the look of satisfaction and excitement, we all know how super-hot the sand is in the seaside, that none of us want to walk over it. Similarly, it will be dangerous for our batteries if we put those on the towel that’s on the sand, it won’t definitely be enough. More suitably better than shade, for this case, you can put your batteries in a cooler inside a moisture proof pouch.

  1. Have some etiquettes and protect vape from crowd and campfire

Now if you have decided to stay a night in the beach and are about to draw a campfire, be sure to keep your device away from the campfire as the vape may burst out. You can have a small plastic air tight container or any close vessel and can put that away from the fire with vape locked in a case, though you will have to keep an eye.

 Not only this, be careful for all bystanders (kids, youngsters, olds, pets), and try to make the sidesmoke in such a way that it would not reach any of them.

  1. Apart from fire, Protect from Water!

Not only you have to take tension of protecting your vape from heat and fire, you also have to protect it from water. Beware from accidental spills of water through those unexpected waves, kids water toys and buckets. Also remember to take off your device from your pocket as you don’t have to give your vape a dive.

Hoping that these tips will help you out in how will you keep and take away your vape to your very next beach party, EnjoyJ