Are E-Cigs A Safe Alternative To Cigarettes?

Ever wonder thatit's now the time that you should beat your evil cravings for tobacco by finding a suitable and safer alternative?If you are desperate for the answerthen YES! There definitely IS the alternative which is far safer than those combustible cigarettes you have been puffing for a long timei.e. an “E-cigarette”. We have a range of cheap E-cigarettes for you but let’s discuss why you should go for our product. Here in this article, you will probably find the answers to your most mind-arising questions.

Clarification about E-Cigarette:

Well, there is a misconception that the “smoke from the cigarettes” and “vape from vaporizers” is the same thing, just because that sometimes the vapor from e-cigs is also referred to be called as “vapor smoke”. It doesn’t in anyway redirect the meaning of vapor that it’s the same thing as combustible cigarette smoke.Not only this, both differ from each other in the perspective of the after-effects.

How an E-cig is a safe alternative to cigarettes?

Smoke that is puffed by you throughthe traditional cigarette is the result of the process of ‘Combustion’ or in other words say‘Burning’. Combustion is the process of burning any substance in Oxygen.

Now Oxygen from the air and burnt tobacco produce the cigarette smoke which is harshest to the human health, that also contains chemical constituents i.e. heat and ash. In tobacco smoke, there are more than 7000 chemicals. When the smoker inhales the cigarette smoke, he is addicted to the flavor of tobacco as well as nicotine which is naturally present in the tobacco leaves. Apart from these two, thousands of other hazardous chemicals are also been released, out of which some them are guaranteed to be known cancerous for a human.

What to do?? Simple- ‘Go for Tobacco-free products!’

Concludedly, some people, doctors,and researchers have resulted in a research and advisedto all smokers to please “Less harm yourself!” By the consumption of our products like E-cigs/Vape which will satisfy your nicotine addiction,tobacco flavor without the smoke been inhaled.

Our smoke-free product will be definitely qualified by your cravings for tobacco flavor and relaxing the need for nicotine with no-smoke consumption. 

In the end, still, we would recommend to quit smoking or not to start if you haven’t started smoking yet. This product might help adults in quitting smoking, but we are not encouraging youth to start smoking.